The Threads That Bind Us: The Origins of Precise Textiles

The journey of Precise Textiles is one of passion, perseverance, and commitment to service. It begins with Rob Will and John Hanson, who combined their experience from diverse professional backgrounds to form the company’s bedrock.

Rob’s Textile Expertise: From Sales to Leadership

Rob’s journey in the textile industry spans nearly four decades, encompassing sales, specialty services, and leadership roles. From small independent firms that underwent multiple acquisitions and incredible growth to market-leading giants, he was able to experience the workings of many different-sized organizations. Despite the great diversity in scopes and scales, Rob’s tenacity and dedication remained constant, ultimately leading to his position as Vice President of Sales at three significant firms.

John’s Hospitality Insights: Service as a Strategy

John’s roots in the hospitality sector made him acutely aware of the crucial role service plays in building a successful business. Drawing upon his experience, John understood that while anyone can invest in high-quality products and sell what other successful companies sell, superior customer service creates a lasting impression in the industry.

When Rob and John left their previous company, they envisioned a new business that offered exceptional service in a market saturated with impersonal transactions. This vision evolved into the foundation of Precise Textiles and formed our business model, centered around service-oriented principles.

Delivering Value in Hotel Linen & Textile Solutions

True to our slogan, A Return to Service, Precise Textiles is committed to providing a superior customer experience. When customers call, they speak to a live person. When they place an order, it ships directly from our warehouses the same day. We handle everything in-house, with our own employees and equipment. No middlemen, no third parties.

We offer customers a simple value equation: the same product for less or a better product for the same price. But beyond product value, our unique approach is what truly gives us an advantage in the industry. Precise Textiles is the amalgamation of our learnings from past experiences. We cherry-picked all the best practices from each organization and integrated them into our operations in the spirit of service. And with multiple distribution centers and streamlined processes, we ensure customers never have to worry about their linen and textile needs beyond placing orders.

As we move forward, you can expect to see our footprints expanding across the country, our product range broadening, and our teams growing, all while we uphold our commitment to our mantra – A Return to Service.

If you have any questions or want to discuss your product needs, please reach out anytime.


September 14, 2023



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